Women’s Media in the Euromed Final meeting in Marseille

Maryrose Francica and Kerry Freeman attended the final meeting to wrap up our EuropeAid project entitled “Women’s media in the Euromed” (WME). The meeting took place in the beautiful city of Marseille in France.

The meeting involved all partners – GRAIF (France), SAFADI Foundation (Lebanon), IRIS – Provincia di Pescara (Italy) and of course our Foundation with discussions on the finalization of the project activities, reporting and sustainability issues.

The Mediter Communcation Agency (MCA) – an important result from the project, since it will be the vehicle with which the girls that have participated in WME will continue working together, has already been constituted. All the partners agreed to having a proper strategy aimed at the continuous development of the Agency itself which will continue even after the projects’ lifetime. Thus, the partnership has decided to discuss this aspect in a few months in a future workshop after the end of the project.

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