Be(coming) European – BeE Kick off in Lahr, Germany

Ruth and Maryrose travelled to snow laden Lahr, Germany to attend the Be(coming) European, a Grundtvig Multilateral project, Funded under the Life Long Learning programme. The BeE consortium is made up of 8 European Partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and Malta.

Be(coming) European wants to develop a comprehensive concept of basic education in the European Union based on a method that allows a flexible adaptation to individual conditions, i.e. adaptable to specific target groups, socio-cultural backfrounds and conditions of education institutions.

This two-year project will be conducted in three phases:

  1. Analysis of the problems of a comprehensive and flexible concept of basic education with a European perspective. Meaning that cultural, political, economic and technological dimensions are not only add-ons but also as fields of application for basic literacy or numeracy but particularly for learning competences.
  2. Elaboration of a comprehensive concept of basic education. This will be done on a general competence level not on a content level, so that it can be applied in different educational contexts.
  3. Implementation of the concept into the educational work of the project partners.

For further information on the BeE project, please contact Ruth Gatt on

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