Fe:male Meeting in Limassol, Cyprus

Angele and Maryrose attended the second partner meeting of the Fe:male project which was held in Limassol, Cyprus. The meeting started with the coordinators, Inova Consultancy giving a presentation of the progress of the Fe:male so far and thanked all partners for their hard work and support on the project. Then the next steps for the project were outlined and some key action points were set. Each partner then presented a report on the first phase of Mentoring Circles in their country.

The Mentoring Circles™ in Malta were very successful as out of the seven women who attended the first circle, three women already started their own business. One of the women, Jane Chircop, launched Sapphire Real Estate services which deal with traditional houses of character, Palazzos and converted Farmhouses. The launch started with a keynote speech from Jane Chircop herself where she thanked everyone for attending and gave a presentation on the aims and objectives of her business.

Then Jane introduced Maryrose Francica and thanked her for giving her the chance to attend the mentoring circle™. Maryrose, in turn introduced the Fe:male project to the audience present and explained the concept of the Mentoring Circles™. A time for Q & A’s was allocated and some of the women present asked questions about the Fe:male project and the Mentoring Circles™.

The FWE team offers their heartfelt congratulations to Jane and wishes her the best of luck in her business.

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