FE:MALE – Second Partner Meeting in Limassol, Cyprus

In the coming days, Maryrose and Angele will be going to Limassol, Cyprus to attend the second partner meeting of the Fe:male project.

The main objective of the Fe:male project is to help women overcome the barriers to setting up a business, one of which is a fear of failure. These barriers can have an added impact if one has an additional obstacle to overcome, such as being unemployed, having a disability, being over fifty years.

We feel that all women should have the opportunity to become a business-owner, and this project is supporting women who face these additional difficulties. The first cycle of the Mentoring Circles™ held in Malta was a success, so much so that three women who attended the Mentoring Circles™ took the leap and opened up their own business.

We will be holding the second cycle of the Mentoring Circles™ in the coming months, so anyone who is interested please contact us on maryrose@nullwomen.org.mt.

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