ECC Sub-committee to Promote Women’s Economic Participation

During a recent meeting of the Maltese Enterprise Consultative Council (ECC) where the Foundation is represented by Angele Giuliano, a suggestion was brought forward by FWE whereby a sub-committee should be set up to look in more detail at women’s participation in the economy (which looking only at labour market figures, is one of the lowest in Europe) and especially at what could be done to help more women also become entrepreneurs. This suggestion was accepted and the new sub-committee was formed with several of the stakeholders that are already represented in the ECC – both public and private. Angele told us ” The first meeting of this sub-committee was a milestone and I really look forward to tighter collaboration with all the NGOs, the Finance ministry and other entities who have not only women at heart, but the whole advancement of the Maltese economy”. We wish them good luck and we look forward to hearing about their results.

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