FE:MALE (Female Entrepreneurs: Mentoring and Lifelong learning across Europe)

FE:MALE (Female Entrepreneurs: Mentoring and Lifelong learning across Europe) is funded by the European Commission under the Leonardo Da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation, multilateral programme – project no. [2010-1- GB2-LEO05-03495]. The duration of the project is 24 months. The coordinators of the project are Innova Consultancy from the United Kingdom and the partners are the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs – Malta, VHTO – The Netherlands, Viteco – Italy and Intercollege – Cyprus.

The Projects’ objectives are mainly to transfer proven successful innovative learning methodologies from the UK to partner countries; to develop a European train-the-trainers package to transfer the Mentoring Circles for Female Entrepreneurs methodology to partner countries; to transfer and adapt paper based materials to e-learning materials to widen access to online development tools for female entrepreneurs on a European scale; To build and develop crucial social capital for women entrepreneurs online (social networking-learn zone); and to enhance the provision of vocational guidance across Europe by providing quality personal development tools/training methods aimed at reducing personal self-limiting beliefs of women.

Maryrose Francica and Angele Giuliano attended FE:MALE’s kick off meeting in Sheffield, UK in January, 2011. The first mentoring circle in Malta will commence in May 2011.

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