Women Technology Entrepreneurs (WTE) – Meeting in Spain

This Life Long Learning project looks at the challenges that women face when they want to either open a business that deals directly in the IT sector, or else to harness the power of IT as a tool for growing their own business. The partners from the 8 countries involved met once more in Madrid in order to agree on the curriculum of a moduled training programme addressed at such challenges.

Angele Giuliano represented the Foundation, especially as she is an information technology entrepreneur. Brainstorming sessions were held in order to come up with topics that address both the technological side and the business side of the issue. The next step will be to delve further and define in detail the content of the courses that will eventually be delivered in a blended learning way (half face to face, and half online)

Further information on the project can be obtained from the website http://www.wteche.eu

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