ECT (Entrepreneurial Competences of Teachers) Final Conference

The ECT project funded under the Life Long Learning Programme – Grundtvig Multilateral Project came to an end with a final dissemination conference held in Most, the Czech Republic from the 4th – 8th October 2010. Maryrose Francica, Kerry Freeman and Godwin Ellul, a business studies teacher, attended the final conference. This conference was very well attended by trainers from the Czech Republic and, after an opening speech by Ing. Dagmar Proskova, the coordinator of the project, the four partners had a chance to present their organisations to the public. Maryrose gave a presentation on the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs. After the presentations a question and answer plenary session was held between the participants present and the consortium of the project.

The afternoon was dedicated to workshops and the group was divided into two. The workshop on Creativity and Marketing as Important Tools of Entrepreneurship Education, was coordinated by Norway and Malta. The one on Management and Communication as necessary parts for Start-up of Business People was coordinated by Scotland and The Netherlands. A special thank you goes to Rekvalifikacní a informacní centrum s.r.o. (CZ), represented by Ing. Dagmar Proskova and Zuzana Bartipanova, for their excellent organisation of the final conference.

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