Grundtvig Contact Seminar in Finland “Female Participation in Decision-Making”

Maryrose Francica representing FWE, together with fifteen other women from various EU member states will be attending a seminar “Female participation in decision-making” in Korsholm, Finland from the 12th to 16th January, 2010.

The seminar will include exchange of experiences among women who actively taking part in the decision-making organs or as a function as women leaders. The seminar is built up with specific theme for each day with an introduction of each theme and then a discussion in smaller groups’ workshop style. Study visits to business enterprises where there is a chairwoman will also be organised. The theme of the workshops is:

  • Gender quotas, good or bad for the active woman?
  • Subjective childcare, nursemaid, grandparents – the role of the woman
  • Paternity leave sharing responsibility?
  • Gender roles – the view of the society – the view in Europe
  • Differences in the culture – Women lobby – common voice?
  • Raise Project Management quality and to ensure high level proposals
  • To recognise common needs such as processes, procedures and standards by sharing experiences and knowledge.
  • To harmonize group skills and competencies and to improve our own PM skills and to design and implement better project with sustainable results.

‘The goals can be achieved through increased cooperation and solidarity and through global collaboration to use better the lessons learnt and to assign efforts for an excellence in PM implementation. The platform will be jointly applying for projects in future calls’, declared Maryrose Francica.

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