Business Platform for Multilingualism

On 22 September 2009, the Business Platform for Multilingualism was launched in Brussels. Maryrose Francica on behalf of FWE attended the launch as the Maltese representative on this platform.

Commissioner Leonard Orban delivered a keynote speech during which he emphasised the importance to promote multilingualism in business and in labour market.

The use of languages by business helps SMEs to target new international markets. Till now only 18% of European SMEs have international activity, even less export outside their home market. Although English is the lingua franca of international business, the demand for other languages is growing.

The three areas where the EU should be striving to succeed are:

  • Languages for business and prosperity
  • Cultural diversity and solidarity
  • Partnership between EU and the world

The members of the platform elected Mr. Wolfgang Mackiewicz, Freie Universität Berlin/European Language Council as the first Chairman of this Business platform.

‘Working together with organisations such as Eurochambers, EURASHE, UEAPME and BusinessEurope present opportunities for future collaboration’, declared Maryrose Francica.

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