Building a Happy Harmonious Home – Dr. Katie Birch PhD

A recent study investigated stress levels in five different work roles stay -at-home parents, taxi drivers, teachers, nurses and City dealers. Scientists measured levels of the stress hormone cortisol throughout an average working day and found that stay-at-home parents came under the most pressure.

What women achieve in the home has almost always been underestimated and there have also been studies which have costed out what a woman does each day in financial terms. It usually amazes men.

Dr. Katie Birch Phd. assisted by Maryrose Francica will be giving these four two and a half hour sessions which will give you the opportunity to consider your everyday life and how you are managing whether as a mother or grandmother. Perhaps there are things you would like to be different, easier and with this time to look at things you may find ways to change some things and get even more enjoyment from being with the children and your home.

Dates: 18th, 22nd, 25th, 29th January 2010

Times: 9am until 11.30am Venue: Gateway Centre

Cost: €40 for 4 sessions

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