Women's Media in the EuroMed


The Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (Malta) is the local partner in a European funded project under the EuropeAid Public awareness and education for development in Europe programme, reference: EuropeAid/127765/C/ACT/Multi entitled ‘Women’s Media in the Euromed’. The coordinators of the project are the Local Authority of Pescara, Italy, IRIS – Provincia di Pescara and the partners are Groupement Interrégional pour l’Action et l’Information des Femmes (GRAIF) from France, the Safadi Foundation from Lebanon, Association Aini Bennai Editions from Morocco and the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (Malta) is the Maltese partner.

The project intends to build the capacities of young women in the use of ICT and production of audiovisual and visual communications materials towards the creation of a sustainable Women Media Agency in the Euro-Mediterranean region. This action has the final outcome of strengthening the active participation of Mediterranean women in the world of media and communications, thereby reinforcing their influence on the production of perceptions, with the aim of cultivating a gender-sensitive approach in the Media.

The duration of the project is 36 months and the Kick off meeting is expected to be held in Italy in October, 2009.

Visit project website here.