Female Project


The Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs’ latest project is entitled FE-MALE (Female Entrepreneurs: Mentoring And Lifelong Learning across Europe) funded by the European Commission under the Leonardo Da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation, multilateral programme – project no. [2010-1-GB2-LEO05-03495]. The duration of the project is of 24 months from 1/10/2010 to 30/09/2011. The coordinators of the project are Innova Consultancy from the United Kingdom and the partners are the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs – Malta, VHTO – The Netherlands, Viteco – Italy and Intercollege – Cyprus.

FE-MALE aims to transfer innovative training methodologies from the United Kingdom to three member states and enhance European vocational educational training (VET), personal development/mentoring support to equip women with the necessary soft skills to start developing entrepreneurial activities.

The Projects’ objectives are mainly to transfer proven successful innovative learning methodologies from the UK to partner countries; To develop a European training the trainers package to transfer the Mentoring Circles for Female Entrepreneurs methodology to partner countries; To transfer and adapt paper based materials to e-learning materials to widen access to online development tools for female entrepreneurs on a European scale; To build and develop crucial social capital for women entrepreneurs online(social networking-learn zone); and To enhance the provision of vocational guidance across Europe by providing quality personal development tools/training methods aimed at reducing personal self-limiting beliefs of women.

The target group of female adult learners (focusing on those facing double- disadvantage) will increase in confidence, self-efficacy and entrepreneurial inclination. Trainers will be trained to deliver a wider repertoire of innovative training methodologies; training others in their countries (cascade method) and sharing knowledge across Europe.

Project impact will be on VET and guidance practices within a European framework aimed at women entrepreneurs, providing innovative training materials and methodologies to foster women's self-efficacy and motivation for learning about entrepreneurship to enter/re-enter and reduce risk of exclusion from the labour market. These innovative methodologies could transfer to other target groups for essential soft skills, including men, asylum seekers, career changers and young people.

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