Elderly Never Lonely

Elderly   Never Lonely

This Project is a Civil Society action comprising partners from various EU countries. Each partner will conduct a survey in its own country. The survey will aim at clarifying the situation of elderly people services in each Member State. The research will point out how many elderly people need specific support, which are the most significant services offered by the government, how do they work, which NGOs are operating in this field and what is the level of the people who work in the associations offering services to elderly.

The surveys’ purpose is to understand the precise situation on the development of social services for elderly people in every single country in order to make clear differences and similarities among national systems. Pointing out the deficiency of a specific social system and comparing it to other ones will help in tailoring the following activities. Taking into consideration the particular weakness of every single system instead of implementing the activities in a general way will improve effectiveness and will match different countries’ needs better.