Coordinator:The Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)

Partner 1:Reach Beyond Foundation (RB)

Partner 2:Malta Business Bureau (MBB)

Partner 3: National Council for Women (NCW)

Partner 4:Malta Association of Women in Business (MAWB)

The main objective of AMIE shall be that of promoting Female Entrepreneurship in Malta through the establishment of a Network of Women Ambassadors. This Network, which shall be part of the European Network of Women Entrepreneurs, shall campaign amongst unemployed women, women in active professional life as well as students to set-up their own businesses and become entrepreneurs.

Furthermore the objective of the Ambassadors are to act as role models so as to raise women’s ability to create a vision for themselves as entrepreneurs as well as the required motivation and self-confidence in setting up and creating a successful business. The Ambassadors shall be role models to inspire other women to become entrepreneurs by ‘telling their story’.

AMIE shall translate the objective outlined above by implementing a number of activities. The first activity shall be the selection of a number of Ambassadors. These Ambassadors shall be selected on the basis of pre-established criteria amongst which shall be the potential to inspire other women to become entrepreneurs.

Overall AMIE aims to carry out the activities outlined above so as to increase the potential of women becoming entrepreneurs. It is the intention of all the partners of the consortium to sustain this action even beyond the project duration of AMIE. The duration of the project is of 24 months, from 1st December, 2010 – 30th November 2012.