Kerry Freeman

Ms Kerry Freeman has a vast experience in administration both in Australia where she has worked for many years in the business section of the National Australia Bank (NAB) and in various organisations in Malta such as the Corinthia Inflight Services, Santa Maria and San Anton Hotels. Within Acrosslimits, her main tasks are liaising with managerial staff, general administration and logistic organisation. Her skills backed with the knowledge she gained through various training courses she attended provides a valuable support to Acrosslimits.

At AcrossLimits she brought with her the organizational skills that she developed along the years. Kerry speaks native Maltese and English and apart from acting as a personal assistant to the director, Kerry also occupies the role of Liaison Officer between the different arms of the company. Kerry has organized and managed various seminars including a Breakfast Meetings, conferences and information seminars and is responsible for the logistics of the participants of the Grundtvig Inservice Training courses which runs every month.