About Us

The Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (Malta) is an independent non-profit organisation, which has been set up for the promotion of opportunities, awareness building, training and research in the field of Women Entrepreneurs and other gender issues.

The foundation aims at establishing entrepreneurship as a culture and way of life for women – not only business owners, but workers, mothers and citizens on a national, European and Mediterranean level; The foundation believes in promoting initiatives that foster the creation of women entrepreneurial networks that are accessible by the majority of women this is seen an over arching structure for creating awareness of impact that women entrepreneurs can have on the national and regional economy, and helping prospective entrepreneurs to develop themselves.

The foundation also supports research and training infrastructures in various areas including but not limited to the following fields: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, languages, business management and other fields of knowledge; this will lead to assessing, evaluating and auditing female targeted initiatives and their effectiveness within a given context; The foundation aims and believes in enhancing and networking with similar organisations and/or institutions and/or non governmental organisations in Europe and North Africa with the aim of establishing collaborative initiatives in order to Urgently and constantly address the issue of the so-called “gender inequalities” and assist communities to bridge that gap;

Hence the foundation has taken upon itself a commitment to actively promoting the review, introduction and implementation of women policies in Europe, whether public or private, and for the adoption of better, affordable, accessible and more professional procedures and standards in all walks of life

The foundation also offers the promotion of guidance and training assistance to people involved in the provision of women-targeted services and also to members of their families in case of negative, traumatic or other similar effects arising out events connected to the performance of their duties.

The president of the organisation is Angele Giuliano and the Foundation became operational from December 2001 whilst the notarial deed was signed on October, 2002.